Tyler Fraser 

Tyler Fraser founded Always Memorial after serving the professionals of funeral services for over 9 years. He has worked hard to produce new and exciting products for families to memorialize their loved ones with inspiration and a new approach. He regards this work as a calling and is dedicated to helping families through this difficult time and dedicated to bring new ideas to life, in this ever changing profession. His vision is to advance funeral services through the use of technology.


As CEO of UPD Urns, Tyler Fraser grew the company to serve hundreds of funeral homes. Concentrating on serving funeral professionals in most effective ways possible lead him to open a new facility in Manassas, Virginia, in addition to the office in Visalia, CA. He helped develop over 100 totally new and unique cremation jewelry designs and many unique cremation urns designs, include the Sacred Place™ Urn and the Laguna™ Water Burial Urn. He also spearheaded efforts to produce the Always Bust. A 3D printed bust, that is a highly accurate representation of a loved one, which can be completed before or after passing. He always enjoyed producing new products for families and he also enjoyed talking about them on Funeral Radio.


Funeral Radio was started in 2013 and now has over 14 podcasts for the funeral profession. In the early years of Funeral Radio, Tyler worked with Nancy Burban, who hosted UPD Urns’ podcast Funeral Directors’ Chat. He soon took on his own show, Funeral Services and the Web, where he helped funeral professionals learn how to use the internet to build their business. Soon came the Green Burial Radio Program with founder of the Green Burial Council, Joe Sehee and Co-Host Shari Wolf. Then the Directors’ Exchange began with professor Ray Aikens and the Dan Isard Show with funeral home consultant Dan Isard. Partnering with The Celebrant Foundation and Institute, a new show was born called Make Ceremony Matter More. Then four more podcasts were started with Diane Grey, Coleen Ellis and Robert Fells, Executive Director of the ICCFA. Recently shows with Gail Rubin, Amy Rigtrup, Mike Hepburn and others have begun and he continues to work to service funeral professionals through the audio platform.


When Tyler is not working hard to serve families and funeral professionals, he enjoys traveling. In 2016 he spent one month in Thailand, where we was able to travel all over the country. He also spent one year in London and Vancouver Canada. Tyler also enjoys riding his supermoto motorcycle at the track and having spent 6 years in San Francisco, he has a deep love for technology and what the future holds. In addition he enjoys movies and spent 4 years in Hollywood. He also enjoys photography and recently produced two projects: Kings of California.


Tyler has had the pleasure of talking with some of the leaders in the funeral profession including Robert Waltrip, John Beckwith and Doug Gober. He is dedicate to serving your family and committed to making a positive impact on funeral services.