Metal Caskets

I’d like to start by expressing my gratitude for considering Always Memorial. We’re here to help you after your loss and work hard to offer gorgeous caskets at affordable prices. We're passionate about funeral services and are committed to helping you on your path. 

We are pleased to present our line of metal caskets. They caskets are made of high quality steel. Initially they are formed in a metal press to get the shape. Then soldered to ensure a strong seal that you can count on. These metal caskets then undergo phosphate finishing which ensures they do not corrode or tarnish. After the soldering and phosphate finish, the caskets are then painted and polished.

These high quality metal caskets are full size adult caskets and can be used for most adults. They are shipped from the warehouse closest to your location, so that we can ensure fast delivery before the funeral home. 

Choosing a metal casket is not easy. The choice of metal over wood is a good one, because will last and is a heartwarming feeling to know that your loved one is protected in a quality made casket. Wood caskets are also a good choice and we have many available to you. The most common casket purchased in the U.S. are metal caskets, because of the high quality and durability of steel. You may have more questions like what kind of casket should I get; we’ve taken the time to do a podcast on Amazing Departures to explain the many different options that are available to you. 

These caskets are gorgeous; they have a beautiful paint job and are well protect to ensure that when they arrive for the funeral, they are in good shape and will look wonderful for your loved one during the viewing or the funeral. 

Thank you again for considering Always Memorial to help you during your time of loss.