I’m sure by now you have heard of this recent phenomenon app Pokemon Go. While you may not have a clue what it is about, like myself, it is impossible to avoid hearing about. Let’s dive a little bit into what it’s all about and how it can be used for funerals.

  1. Turn your funeral into a game. Pokemon Go is an alternate reality game where you use your phone to catch characters while exploring your neighborhood. Create a similar alternate reality game of your own and your family will enjoy running around the places you frequented while on this earth. Maybe throw in a special prize for the winner. They’ll remember you and feel like you’re still a part of their lives.
  2. Create your own version of the game. Maybe your all-time favorite TV show is Friends. Create a personalized version with Central Perk, Gunther, and Ugly Naked Guy. Have your friends and family compete to catch members of the gang and maybe throw in some personal flair. It’ll be a great way to have fun and remember what is special about you long after you are gone.
  3. Make your funeral service an alternate reality. Let your guests have a little fun and turn yourself and your loved ones into characters that pop up throughout the service. This may be a little scary for some, so please do this with caution.
  4. Use the virtual reality aspect to your advantage. Make yourself a character and deliver your own eulogy, in a perfect funeral-crashing manner

What ideas do you have to make your funeral unique? Technology can be a wonderful thing, and even during the most difficult times we can use it to our advantage.