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  1. New ‘Walking Dead’ Season 7 Comic-Con Art Teases Fans

    Comic-Con is just around the corner! Are you ready? The Walking Dead is. AMC has just released the show’s official season 7 art for San Diego’s Comic-Con next week. After last season’s deadly cliffhanger, fans are going crazy trying to predict who it was Negan took down with his trusty bat, Lucille. The teasing photo shows Negan standing in...
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  2. 11 Things to Remember When Going Through Tough Times

    From The Law of Attraction on Facebook
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  3. Virtual Reality at Funerals

    Virtual Reality at Funerals
    Let’s face it; the only fact of life is that we are all going to die and experience death of loved ones during our lifetime. But there is some technology that may be changing how the process works. Project Elysium is developing a product that creates a personalized VR afterlife experience bringing people back with those who have passed. It...
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  4. Death Masks and Funerals

    Death Masks and Funerals
    Death masks, also known as life masks, are plaster casts taken of a person’s face. A death mask is performed on a deceased person, and a life mask is taken on a living person. Abraham Lincoln is the most recognized person to have a mask done. He had two made, one before being elected as President and one two months...
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  5. The Issue Of Dead Space

    The Issue Of Dead Space
    When I think about me taking up space for years to come, it gives me a sense of importance. Ah yes, I will have space on this earth for eternity and will own a plot of land in some place that everyone can go and see my memorial and think about how great I was. Or perhaps consider the kind...
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  6. Blues Legend B.B. King Dies on 05/14/15

    Blues Legend B.B. King Dies on 05/14/15
    Legendary Blues musician B.B. King, famous for his effortless style and his ever present guitar “Lucille” passed away last Thursday at the age of 89. King was the epitome of cool on and off stage, and the tributes from musicians touched and influenced by him has been tremendous. World famous guitarist Santana said about seeing him for the first...
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  7. The Victims of the Amtrak Derailment

    In the wake of a tragedy we often lose sight of the individual as we focus on the large number of losses put in front of us. Last Tuesday the world didn’t just lose “seven people”. it lost a Wells Fargo Executive. A small business tech company CEO. A 20 year old Naval Academy midshipman. These are among the...
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  8. Let Your Loved Ones Live, After They Die- The Burial Pod Concept

    Let Your Loved Ones Live, After They Die- The Burial Pod Concept
    Death is a necessary end which is destined to come; the only thing which is uncertain about death is when it shall come. Hence, it doesn’t take a genius to know that you shall one day be buried. Would you want to have a say in the way you wish to be buried? Regardless of the faith or religion...
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  9. Ryan Gosling Finally Eats His Cereal

    Ryan Gosling Finally Eats His Cereal
    Ryan Gosling is known for his more serious and somber performances in films like Blue Valentine and Half Nelson, and thanks to the late Ryan McHenry he is now known for eating his cereal. McHenry created an ongoing series of vines in which he would put spoonful of cereal up to Goslings mouth as the character on...
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  10. Call Jack - A Eulogy

    All of us have a story.  Each of our lives would make a book;  for our emotions, our drives, our achievements are all unique and singular. Bits and pieces of Jacks story can be found in his writings about the Dillinger gang, the Hamm kidnapping, the great and bloody Minnesota truck strike, his 19 year effort to clear Leonard Hankins...
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