God of War is a new game that has become one of the most popular games of 2018. The graphics are amazing, enlightening players world-wide. In the beginning of the game the scene is set with  the loss of a mother and wife. The father and son are out gathering wood for the cremation ceremony. When they return to their home, the mother is wrapped in shrouds and displayed on a table in the middle of the room. Adorned with flowers, she is surrounded by candles. The son leans over and lights several candles and takes a moment to mourn his loss. He is only about 10 years old and the beginning of the game is meant to show the tough love of his father. His father stands over his wife for a short while, picks her up and moves her to the cremation site, outside the house. He then lights the fire, backs away and watches the cremation with his son. Immediately following, he tells his son to go hunt deer.

This ceremony is one that many Americans would love to have. It is full of simplicity, as seen in the shroud and flowers. It's connected to their life, being in the home where they lived and the cremation happening just outside. The family then moves on immediately to the next stage of their life. The transition to the future is seamless and abrupt, despite the magnitude of the loss for the two.

The act of gathering the wood was so important for the ceremony. They are going out to prepare for the funeral. When they come back they have what they need to transition from living with the matriarch to a life without her. After the ceremony they move on to a new life, that doesn't include the mother and wife. The writers of this story did an amazing job to demonstrate a beautiful ceremony, yet one that is connected to the difficulty of loss and the importance of a positive parting.