1. Ashes in Outer Space

    Ashes in Outer Space
    Have you thought about how you want to be memorialized? Do you want to be buried in a cemetery? Cremated and kept in an urn on your children’s mantle? Have you considered a space burial? There are many options when it comes to what to do with your remains. Some are traditional, while some are…well, unique. Some want to be...
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  2. How Furious 7 Is A Memorial To Paul Walker

    How Furious 7 Is A Memorial To Paul Walker
    The deaths of celebrities often attract a lot of media hype and attention. It is therefore no surprise that when star actor, Paul Walker died in a tragic car crash and had an untimely demise in November, 2013; people all over the world were shocked as they mourned for the golden boy of Hollywood. As the seventh part of...
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  3. James Darrah from Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Has Died

    Jim Darrah, aged 54, who appeared in Lock Stock and Two smoking Barrels has died after being struck in the face outside of a bar in Hertford, just north of London, England. He appeared next to Vinnie Jones in Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels as an extra. Detective Chief Inspector Jerome Kent, from Hertfordshire Police, said: “We are investigating...
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  4. Richard Attenborough From Jurassic Park Dies at 90

    British actor Richard Attenborough died on Sunday – 08/24/14 at 90 years old. He was the son of a Cambridge school administrator and made movie history in many famous roles including Jurassic Park, Miracle on 34th Street, Ghandi and Brighton Rock. Richard Attenborough from Jurassic Park was living in a nursing home for many years before his death today. The BBC...
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